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the other cinderella

How far would you go for your happily ever after?

The fairy godmother Amelie has a secret. She’s in love with Cinderella’s prince – so in love, she’d give up her powers to be with him.

Amelie also has a plan. Kick Cinderella out of her own fairytale and snag the prince for herself.

But the fairy godmother doesn’t realize she may not be the only one with a plot – and sometimes, fairytales bite back.

For fans of Marvel’s LOKI, enemies-to-lovers romance, and darker twists on fairy tales, “The Other Cinderella” is Book One in The Other Tales, a series of short stories about a fairy godmother whose dreams could take down a kingdom.

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Tide + scale

Mermaids and monsters and magic—oh my!

Do you hear the siren call ushering you towards this book? You drift closer and closer, mesmerized, for none can resist its melodic pull. So join us beneath the waves in an
anthology made for adventuring souls—if you dare.

Come discover what happens when a girl gets sacrificed to the gods—only to find there
may be more to this tale than tragedy. Be enchanted by a witch who wishes to rescue her
beloved from a mer curse, no matter the cost. And beware hitchhikers near the swamp:
you never know if they’ll have more teeth than you think.

TIDE & SCALE is a thrilling anthology meant to awaken the explorer in all of us. These
stories are filled with pirates and mermaids on journeys from the depths of the sea to the far reaches of space. For all intrepid adventurers who wish to brave the dangerous waters, we bid you welcome into the deep blue.

Beware: sirens lurk here…but so does hope.

Equinox + Solstice

Every season is full of magic. Experience five powerful stories that capture the essence of each one.

Spring of the Living Dead: Phoebe lives by one Rule – every spring, she must leave the Underworld to move back to Ottawa with her mom for six whole months without her husband. Then one year, the disgruntled dead invade the living world, and Phoebe must race to quell the chaos before the ghosts overwhelm the Upperworld completely.

This Summer Moment: Of all the stablehands her family could hire for the summer, Ambrosia’s family chooses Jon Issacs, her childhood friend that annoys her with his carefree attitude toward life. But despite their opposite personalities, Ambrosia finds herself falling in love with the boy who challenges her to look at the world with fresh eyes.

Of Pumpkins and Golden Apples: Halloween is supposed to be a fun time for witches—but someone has stolen the Golden Apple of Discord, and all the fingers point to Haddie Underwood. The catch? For once, she’s not responsible. If she can’t find the culprit, not only will she be expelled, but a centuries-old war may start up again. Haddie may one day destroy the world, but right now, she’s the only one who can save it.

A Lily in Winter: Lily knows that angels of death aren’t supposed to keep the souls that they take to the afterlife, but a strange accident causes her to reconsider when she begins to develop feelings for one of the mortals under her care.

Seasons: A lamppost, a meet-cute, and the changing of seasons… A flash fiction piece for the romantic in all of us, this fantastical and poignant story is short, a little swoony, possibly sad, and all-over sweet.

Find humor, love, hope, and nostalgia in this fantasy collection edited by seven-time author and SnowRidge Press co-founder, Savanna Roberts.

What Readers Are Saying

This is an absolutely fabulous short story. One of my favorite Cinderella retellings. Everyone should read it!!!

Anne J. Hill

Such a fun, quick read! I loved the trickster aspect of the story and the little twists here and there. I’m left needing more but also satisfied with the ending!

Moriah Chavis

This was not at all what I was expecting, but I loved it! So satisfying. I look forward to more from Beka Gremikova. And THAT COVER. augh. Love it.

Constance Lopez